A critical component of each student's ability to succeed is providing each child a place where learning is accomplished in a risk-free environment; a place where each person in a child's life has a role to play; a place where success comes in many forms and being unique is celebrated and accepted. For a child to succeed it is also important that he/she understands the criteria that is used to judge success and the expectations that are being placed upon them. This is applicable across the full spectrum of their learning journey.

During the last school year, we scrutinized our School Code of Conduct with the intention of bringing it up to date with the Ministry of Education's expectations for codes of conduct in public schools across the province. We have added references to discrimination, cyber bullying and other challenges that may not have been considered to be a necessary part of an elementary school's Code of Conduct in the past. We have also been charged with explicitly taking responsibility for activities that might occur outside of the school day, but that might have an impact on the school culture and classroom environment. This fits in well with our policy of "door to door service", something that our students are reminded of regularly. When you as a parent send your child out the door in the morning, you do it with the belief that we are watchful for him/her and that we will become actively involved if something was to go awry en route to and from school. Our School Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to taking care of your child, our student, in every way possible.

Codes of Conduct can be ponderous in their wording, but they have an important role to play in outlining the kinds of behaviour that are both acceptable and unacceptable in our place of learning. We encourage you to read through our Code of Conduct and take an opportunity to discuss it with your children to ensure that they also have a good understanding of the expectations for students at Evans Elementary School.