New and Upcoming @ Evans Elementary !!

1. Parent Week at a Glance #27 (April 12 - 16th, 2021)  - Click Here

2. Eleven Way's Parents Can Help their Children Read  - Click Here

It's Time to Register for Kindergarten !!

It is that time of year again.  If you have a child who will be turning 5 before December 31, 2021 then it is time to register for Kindergarten. All registrations are now completed online. Please either go to our School District website or follow the link (https://sd33.vivosforms.com/Home)

You will need to provide a copy of the birth certificate as well as something that shows proof of residency. Please give the office a call at 604 858-3057  if you have problems or need access to a computer. 

Further information on the excellent student-centered Kindergarten program at Evans and how we help families and students get ready for coming to Kindergarten can be found here.

Welcome to Evans Elementary School

We want to take this opportunity to welcome children and families to Evans Elementary School. Evans is a “family-friendly” learning place that is situated centrally in Sardis and is only minutes from Highway 1. 

We believe that cooperation and respect are important when working, learning and playing together.  We hope that our quality school programs will help your child to develop: solid skills and a positive attitude leading to academic success; confidence and self-esteem; creative thinking and problem-solving skills and self-reliance and confidence.

Evans Elementary is a great school with much to offer our students and their families including:

  • a school-wide focus on improving students’ literacy and numeracy skills
  • school successes related to social responsibility
  • an on-site, licensed before and after school care
  • a  wide range of special events, spirit days and other activities 
  • a dedicated Parent Advisory Council

Visit our website often to learn about the school programs we have to offer and activities happening at our school. You may also want to check the calendar for up to date news and events.

Our School Under COVID – 19

With COVID – 19 being part of our everyday reality, schools have needed to “re-think” how we do some things to ensure that safety is our top priority. Below you will find some information parents and families should be aware of when sending their children to school in the current environment. Our hope here is to share some of the changes that we have needed to make.

Bell Schedule

This fall we have needed to further adjust the bell schedule at recess and lunch based on having students in learning cohorts under the STAGE 2 School Restart Plan. Our bell schedule this year is as follows:

Entry & Dismissal Bells

  • 8:00 Warning Bell, students are brought into the school to wash hands
  • 8:05 Start of Instructional Day
  • 2:05 Dismissal Bell End of Instructional Day
  • Please do not arrive at the school before the start of supervision which is at 7:50 am

Evans Cohort Groups (Maximum 60 students)

  • Cohort #1 Bridge & Thompson                       Cohort #4 TeBrink & Bramble
  • Cohort #2 Lodders, Frose & Epp                     Cohort# 5 Buchanan & Maxwell
  • Cohort #3 Miller & Dyck

Split Recess (10:15 – 10:30)

  • 9:55 – 10:10 Cohort #1, 3 & 5
  • 10:10 – 10:25 Cohort #2 & 4

Split Lunch

  • Lunch #1 Cohorts #1, 3 & 5  11:15 – 12:00  (Play 11:15 – 11:45//Eating 11:45 – 12:00)
  • Lunch #2 Cohorts #2 & 4 12:00 – 12:45  (Eating 12:00 – 12:15 / Play 12:15 – 12:45)


The Chilliwack School District has moved to a centralized, electronic registration system. Our schools no longer accept paper registration forms. This online process provides parents and guardians an option to register their child at any time, even over the summer break. This includes registration for K - 12, French Immersion and out of catchment requests. You will be required to:

  1. Provide a valid email address
  2. Upload a copy of the child’s birth certificate
  3. Upload proof of residency

To register at Evans Elementary School or any school in SD33 please click here! For more information and FAQ, please visit SD33 - Registration or email ereg@sd33.bc.ca

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

School Supplies- Information on school supplies and a list that can be downloaded and printed for your child's grade level can be found here.

ATTENDANCE MATTERS!!! - We strongly believe, encourage and reward students who are on time on a regular basis !! While we understand that children may be absent from time to time we would ask that you contact us and let us know on these occasions.

Calendar & Upcoming Events - The calendar on this website is a live calendar meaning it is updated as soon as we are aware of an event or a change in an event. Keeping checking this calendar for information. Important dates and information will also be published in the Parent Week at a Glance and our newsletters.

Information & Announcements