Virtual Parent-Teacher Night (October 5th, 2020)

Dear Parents,

Thank you for dropping by for our Virtual Parent-Teacher Night. Despite Evans Elementary being a closed campus at this time due to COVID-19, teachers and staff want you to feel welcome at the school and informed about what is happening with your child. Our purpose with these video is to give you a peek inside your child's classroom during this time. Even though at this time we need to keep the school doors closed to parents, you, your family and your child are important to us and you are always welcome at Evans school !!

Please do not hesitate to contact the school or your child’s teacher should you have questions about what is happening at the school or with your child’s class. Staff will be more than happy to return a phone call, send an email or communicate in a manner and time where they can connect with you.

We hope you enjoy these videos.

The Evans Elementary Staff !!



Principal’s Message   Mr. Wade Gemmell

K                                 Mrs. Carla Thompson

K                                 Mrs. Laura Bridge & Christine Munro

K/1                              Mrs. Colleen Lodders

1/2                               Mrs. Emily Frose

2                                  Ms. Melanie Epp

2/3                               Mrs. Gale Miller

3                                  Mr. Darren Dyck

3/4                               Mrs. Danielle TeBrinke

4                                  Ms. Nicola Bramble

4/5                               Mrs. Tamara Buchanan

5                                  Mrs. Lisa Thorburn

Support Staff               Meet the Evans Support Staff






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