•  President: Jennifer O'Connal
  • Vice President:  Erica Hansom
  • Treasurer:  Crystal Menzies
  • Secretary:  Angela Vermeer
  • Past President: n/a
  • DPAC Representative:  
  • Members at Large:  Ashala Palaniuk, Erika Clark, Melissa Beirnes
  • Hot Lunch Coordinators


Our PAC meetings are generally held the first Wednesday of every month beginning at 6: 30 p.m. in the school library. 

A successful school Parents' Advisory Council (PAC) receives input from as many parents as possible. Please consider attending a meeting and becoming involved. Remember, as a parent of a child attending Evans Elementary School, you are automatically a member of the PAC.

To contact a PAC Executive Member, please leave a message at the school office and it will be forwarded to the member in question as soon as possible. PAC Newsletters can be viewed here.

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